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Environment and Community

Surla is the reflection of its environment and a way of life. Surla would not exist without its unique environment, Tarifa, without this inspiration that comes from the constant confrontation of energies: Strait of Gibraltar, Africa and Europe, Atlantic and Mediterranean, Levante and Poniente. But Surla is also a connection through food, friends, nature, the beach, the ocean, the wind, the light, the wildlife, the countryside ... it is the reflection of the elements that define a cultural ethos, a magnet that captures and conquers the most eclectic. These people are the Soul of Surla. Be they “locals” or travelers of the most diverse, they share the same vision: to be connected with Nature, act with heart, do what they are passionate about, keep their creativity awake and keep looking at the world with curiosity. Inspired by this vision, our small online store was born.


As the only nantural connection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, the “Estrecho de Gibraltar” is one of the busiest waterways in the world. It is also a meeting point for nature lovers; here you can see whales, dolphins and many migratory birds.


Our house, our “home spot” … Unique place between two seas, where culture, sports and infinite beaches come together.

But the municipality is not only famous for its beaches, if you are a nature lover, in Tarifa, you are in luck! The municipality is part of four protected natural spaces where you can lose yourself.

In some moments, it will appear that you are the only inhabitant of the planet.

Enjoy safely the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, the Estrecho Natural Park and the Los Lances Beach Natural Park.

But do not leave without visiting the dune of Bolonia, a natural monument of Andalusia, one of the highest in Spain at 30 meters high, a true natural jewel of the province.