How to get a table at Surla

You may have heard that it’s difficult to get a table at Surla, but to be fair, that’s not 100% accurate. Here is all the information you need to have the best outcome!

For breakfast and brunch in Surla, no reservation is possible as we seat our guests in order of arrival. The rush hour is usually between 10:30 and 12:30, especially on holidays or weekends. If there is a queue, it tends to move quickly and especially if you are a party of 2-4 people. Groups larger than 6, with pets or baby stroller are tricky to accommodate, so please be patient!

Outside of rush hour, we accept lunch bookings after 2:00 p.m and you have 15 minutes of courtesy, after which your reservation will be cancelled. When you make a reservation, please let us know in advance whether you have any special needs in terms of dietary restrictions and if you are coming with a baby stroller or domestic pet. Our opening hours are constantly updated on this website and our social media and you will also find our contact information there. The kitchen is open all day and it is possible to place orders up to 15 minutes before closing time.

Can you accommodate a gluten-free guest? What if I have an allergy or intolerance?

On our menu, 98% of the products are gluten-free. Our internal control system minimizes the possible risks of cross contamination during the different phases by using specific utensils and kitchenware. However, the remaining 2% is represented by bread and wheat flour, whose particles are very volatile. As we do not have a separate kitchen or an exclusive area during the service, we advise that there may be traces of gluten. Extensive information about the presence of both gluten and other allergens in our food is available on this website – please check the digital Menu section. We take allergies very seriously, so please speak with our staff and let us know about any dietary restriction, so we can prepare your food in the safest way possible.

Can I come with my pet?

At Surla, we love our furry friends! For this reason we have created a specific area where you can enjoy a delicious brunch or lunch in the company of your pet. Please keep in mind that seats are limited and that this is an outside area – even if it is sheltered, the weather in Tarifa can be very extreme so we suggest that you call and ask as to the suitability of this area when the weather is uncertain.

Do you accommodate vegetarian and vegans?

Of course we do! We love offering options for those who have decided to reduce or eliminate their animal product consumption. In our menu you will find many choices made with organic ingredients of high nutritional value (such as tofu, bean tempeh, pea protein, etc.) as well as our original recipes based on fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses and cereals. We aim to satisfy the most demanding foodie as well as encourage the most ‘carnivorous’ of our guests to try new delicious alternatives.