Enjoy our beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring landscapes


Surla: A connecting bridge to Tarifa.

Surla is the reflection of its environment and a way of life.

Surla would not exist without its unique environment, Tarifa. An inspiration that comes from the constant confrontation of energies in the Strait of Gibraltar, where Africa meets Europe, the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, and where the east and west winds – the Levante and the Poniente – are forever present.

But Tarifa also enjoys a laidback lifestyle, one that connects through food, friends, nature, the beach, the ocean, the light, the wildlife and the countryside.

This combination is a magnet that captures and conquers the most eclectic mix of people and turns them into a ‘community’, defined by a cultural ethos and a passion, much more so than by their place of birth.

These people are the Soul of Surla. Whether they are locals or travelers, they have found their place in this small restaurant. Conversations flow over a delicious meal and a coffee, as our guests explore new horizons or simply enjoy the joy of recently shared experiences.

Strait of Gibraltar

As the only natural connection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar is one of the busiest waterways in the world. The Strait is also a meeting point for nature lovers; here you can see whales, dolphins and migratory birds in their natural habitat.


Our home – a magical, magnetic destination. A unique place between two seas, where culture, sport and endless beaches come together.

But this little town is not only famous for its beaches. If you are a nature lover, you are in luck! Tarifa is part of two national parks and two protected natural spaces (Parajes naturales) where you can completely lose yourself. Indeed – wander off into the countryside and it will often seem that you are the only inhabitant on the planet.

Safely enjoy the Alcornocales Natural Park, the Estrecho Natural Park and the Los Lances beach nature area. You can challenge yourself with mountain bike rides (all levels welcome!) or explore the network of trails in the hills behind and observe its most outstanding protagonists, the birds. Among the residents, the ones with the greatest presence are the White stork, the European honey buzzard, the Black kite and the Eurasian griffon vulture. It is also possible to spot Spanish imperial eagles, Black-winget kites, Egyptian vultures, Bonelli’s eagles and even Peregrine falcons. This ornithological richness multiplies during the two migratory seasons, a spectacle that can be enjoyed in the natural park’s network of observatories at different times of the year.

Finally, you simply cannot leave here without visiting the two jewels of our province!

Firstly there is Bolonia and her impressive sand dune, declared a ‘natural monument’ of Andalusia as it is one of the highest in Spain. Then there is also Baelo Claudia, one of Andalucia´s most significant and well-preserved Roman archeological sites. Two wonders of the world, right on our doorstep. 

Surla: a connection bridge with Tarifa